Bee’s R Buzy

Hubby decided to get a bee hive this year.  It’s been very fun to watch. At first I was hesitant, and concerned that someone or all of us would get stung, or this mad swarm of bee’s would chase me down.  Well, as my husband has researched, we have discovered what a colony they are and organized at that, AND they are not interested in US unless of course were really meddling in their affairs.  (Hubby has been stung once, and well, the poor dog, she has been stung 3 times I think now. BUT it’s so fun watching them work.

Our Chain tree.

Wild Honeysuckle.

One of my all time favorite flowering bushes, a Snowball tree, this was given to me a few years ago for Mother’s Day.

One of the main reason we have the bee’s are to pollenate our tree’s.  There are lots of Italian plums on the tree this year, hopefully they will all develop. AND the asian pear seems to be loaded too. YUM YUM

Poppy, beautiful Poppies….they look like crinkled tissue paper. WAY cool.

Fully opened up.

Of course, hubby has to work like the bee’s do to keep up our property.  He does a fine job!
Have a good day!



  1. Nice pics! Now why didn't the chain tree have blooms like that when I was there?? Tee hee!I would love a copy of that beautiful pic for my wall!Luv ya

  2. The chain tree is gorgeous right now! BUT I can't tell, it's going to be shortlived, petals are falling to the ground. I will see what I can do about a copy! Might be a small size, as really the photo isn't all that clear! Hugz

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