New Crochet Project

I am in the crochet mood, wonder where I got that from Blondie….Anyways, I bought this yarn two years ago with intentions of making something, and well that never happened.  SO, I am making a few early christmas gifts.  I need to get started, because before we know it, it will be here!  Oh Jingle Bells…blah blah blah!
Here is the first of my coasters.  It’s 5 inches across. I think I like it!  I need to get green too like this, it has the silver sparkle in it.
Coco Paws


  1. I've been thinking about Christmas as well. It's crazy, here the warm weather is about to hit us, and I'm thinking "now what should I do for everybody for Christmas?" Later this week I'll make some grapevine wreaths. My grape vines are out of control. And as long as I'm trimming, I might as well do something with the cuttings. I may do something with wreaths this year. Right now I'm thinking herb, pepper and garlic wreaths, that can be useful for cooking, but also look nice hanging in the kitchen. We shall see.–Lili@creativesavv

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