Sharing some pictures of Miss Coco, to help me get through the day.  Lastnight, I had to take her to the vet as she was having some problems.  Discovered that she has a ruptured disc.  She spent the night at the Vet’s, so they could keep her more calm.  Were hoping that we caught the injury soon enough.  She will be on steroids and muscle relaxer’s for awhile.  She is only 5, I didn’t think I would have this problem until a few years down the road.  She is a couple of pounds overweight, so when she pulls through this, me and her are dieting and excersising together!
Please keep healthy positive thoughts coming her way, she is truly a part of our family, and just this overnight deal is breaking my heart to not have her here with us.

2008 my bubble head, checking me out in the bathtub.
Coco Paws


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