Coco’s Road to Recovery

Wow, I am just in awe.  Last week, our dachshund Coco, a lively, bouncing, running happy dachshund has injured her spinal cord. With a blink of an eye, things are certainly different now.  She was taken to the vet on Saturday, as she was dragging her back legs, and not able to support her weight.  Discovered that she has 3 disc’s that have are calcified. ( I don’t know all the correct terms yet).  She is on steroids, muscle relaxants and things for her tummy.  This is a whole new world for her and us.  Were learning what she needs, and she is learning to stay still.  I have been doing some research on the situation, and found a great site with lots of help. I read one story that made me cry, it’s exactly how I am feeling!  Here is a link to keep in her in a crate while she recovers.  Fortunately she is a crate dog anyways so that is her home at night, but now during the day as well. She is sitting across from me in the front room.  Currently with a lot of warm towells from the drier.  Soon to be wet, as she is drinking lots of water due to the steroids.  I am going to learn and keep researching so she can be happy and do whatever her little doggie paws desire eventually.
Here’s just a couple of pics of Miss Coco in 2008.
Our son Donnie watching televison. Coco found a comfy spot in the sun.

Always playing with my camera, taking close ups etc, and although she generally isn’t cooperative, this one turned out well.

Coco Loves the snow.  She just trucks right on through, boing, boing.
Coco Paws


  1. I'm still sending healthy positive thoughts and I am crossing my fingers for her and hope she will recover soon.She's so adorable, love seeing your photos of her.Mette

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