IVDD – Intervertabral Disc Disease

What is IVDD?

IVDD is a debilitating and costly disease that affects dachshunds (and other breeds as well, such as (but not limited to) Corgis, Papillions, Basset Hounds and Miniature Pinschers.)

Recently, our dachshund, named Coco, was diagnosed with IVDD.  It happened all at once.  She took off protecting her property, out the front door, flying down the steps, ears flapping in the wind, barking and telling that deer that she didn’t belong in her property.  YES, her property.  She walked back in the house, proud of herself of her accomplishment and then rested and had more doggie dreams of chasing whatever didn’t belong.  THEN the next day, she wouldn’t use the steps to come back into the house after going potty.  AND soon it became worse, fever, shivering, sad, and the back legs would not work at all.  SO we took her into the vet’s office and they did xray’s and said she has a ruptured disc.  We were devastated.  We left her overnight, where they gave her a shot of steroids, and did laser treatment on her back to ease the pain.  WHEN we brought her home the next day, we were told she should be crate bound for a couple of weeks.  I later discovered that the minimum time should be 8 to 9 weeks. SO we are a little over week one now.  She developed a UTI which we know have meds for.  AND we have gone through numerous pee pads, towells and even a diaper or too.  Were hoping that the efforts we are doing are going to enable her to once again strut around the house.  Although she will be limited if we reach that milestone, no more jumping up on the couch, or down the stairs.  So please, keep your finger’s crossed and good thoughts coming for Coco’s improvement.  I hope that those of you that have a dog in this situation are coping with it, as I know now, that it isn’t easy.  This link below has been a lifesaver, thank you so much. I joined their forums and have asked questions and read lots of information in regards to this disease.


This picture is Coco in her crate, where actually she is doing well.  It’s so sad but I know were doing the best thing for her.  AND good news, this morning, she was able to stand a wee bit on her back legs.  I am hopeful, but I don’t want to rush into anything!

Coco Paws



  1. Wow, so sorry to hear about Coco. How is she doing now? After visiting your site I checked out dodgerslist.com. I had not been to that site before, so thank you for posting that link. I have been writing a lot about IVDD because our Sophie had a devastating disc herniation that left her completely paralyzed. I am learning as I go. It’s so sad that dachshunds are afflicted with this, they are just too sweet to go through this.

    1. Hello! I was so surprised to see your site, I just joined wordpress today, I have another blog that I have been using. So I posted a few things, and anything I can get out to people in regards to IVDD will make me feel good. I am sorry Sophie too. I accidentaly came upon your site, but I think it is meant to be! I clicked on dachshunds and I clicked on your post and I was WOW! Look she has wheels! We have looked at that option if we don’t have progress with conservative crate rest. She is doing real good today. Join that forum in dodger’s list, I did, and was amazed at all the similarities and hopeful suggestions. If you decide to try it, it’s a yahoo group, with heavy mail, so put yourself on daily digest. I look forward to seeing how Sophie does, thanks for stopping by!

  2. I am definitely going to check out that forum. Thanks. And I too look forward to seeing how Coco does. I hope she does well. Let me know if you ever have any questions about anything.

    1. Thank you ourdachshundsophie. I hope you have checked out that forum, they are so helpful with anything. Sending a post in a couple of minutes in regards to Coco, and I definetly will go to someone with experience…you, lol….with questions, thank you!!

    1. Thank you so much Lili Mounce, she is our baby and were hoping that she will be able to walk again someday. She is wagging her tail more and able to stand a bit on the back end now, all good signs.
      Again, thanks!
      Coco Paws

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