Where did my eye’s GO!

I recently ran into a rather unsightly situation….Ok…well, I reached that magical age, the one where my Mom said, just wait until you turn 40, you will need reading glasses…HA I said….as 41 rolled by, 42 rolled by and well, DANG NAB IT!!  43 got me, (yes, I am admitting my age) however, glasses?  I only have room on my head for SUNGLASSES…not those funky reading glasses!  But it seemed like an overnight deal, one day I saw fine, the next day, was calling the eye doctor, “something is wrong with me)!  Well, the only thing wrong is I am getting older, and the close up for my eyes have seen better days.  Which brings me to this post, I MUST buy a couple of pairs of these glasses, SO that I am always prepared, I frantically searched the house looking for these so that I could read!  You know, take em off, set em down, walk off type of thing!  The second photo I am sharing is focused on the content in the lens of the glasses, not the glasses themselves.  So remember, what your Mom say’s, usually comes true!

Coco Paws


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  1. Hey sis you are lucky! I have been wearing glasses since my freshman year in high school and now I have trifocals PLUS another special pair for reading glasses as I use my trifocals for everyday stuff but the reading part on them isn’t big enough!! Oh plus I have a cataract!! So you be a lucky gal with only readers!! Tee hee! Love ya and I won’t admit that I’m almost 50!!! Oops the Blonde let it slip!!

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