Update for Miss Coco

Hey everyone!  Look at me, I am standing outside all by myself!  Mom and Dad let me do that for a few minutes at a time now.  I can take a few steps now too, although it looks like I have had a wee bit to drink when I walk!  I get to stop taking some of my meds tomorrow afternoon. YAY.  I really am working on getting out of this crate I am in.  I watch everything that goes on.  We have an exchange student from Japan visiting, and he has petted me and I am used to him being here now.  (I wasn’t at first and barked a lot at him until I discovered he was part of the family).

Mom fooled me here in this pic, she said to me “Where’s the kitty?” of course I had to look, and bang, she took my photo!

Anyways, hope the rest of you are looking forward to a greeeeat weekend! I know I am!  Keep your good thoughts coming at me, I am using them all to get much better! Thank you!!

Coco Paws


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