FUNKY Chemo Cap

Ok, I THINK….WELL, I KNOW that I messed up at the very start of decreasing.  BUT I didn’t want to give up all that work I had done, so I went ahead and finished out the pattern.  WELL, let’s just say, I won’t donate this one, it looks, FUNKY.  It makes a pointy crown, and well, I DON’T like it!  SO, after I weave in the ends, and block it, (if I even get that far), I will see what I want to do with it.  Bummer, but it makes for a great practice piece!

Hope your all having a great week!!

Coco Paws



    1. I like that edge too, lacy. I imagine that could fix it, but I think I am just going to wear it myself! lol It’s a good practice project that way, learn from my mistakes, remember to count after I do the lace pattern that I have enough stitches! lol

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