Update for Miss Coco

Yes, it’s been a bit since I have been in to fill you in on Coco’s progress with Intervertebral Disc Disease. Click on the link to learn more about IVDD.

So, Miss Coco is still in the crate for at least another week, that will be 8.  We have let her out for a few minutes at a time, supervised in the front room with us or outside for a few minutes. Otherwise, yep, in her crate in the the front room with us.  She is still on steroids for another week, talking about weaning her, but will have to see how she reacts once we try that, not sure she is ready for that as the back legs still like to wobble a bit.  A long process, but worthwile in the end as she is still a happy girl. (just would be happier if she could run amuck) lol SO please keep your finger’s crossed that she continues to get healthy and stronger so that she can once again GO WILD!  After all, that’s my Coco Bear (chicago Bears fan)…

Coco Paws




  1. Ahhh I love the pics of my baby girl pup niece!!! I’m proud of her recovery! Hmmm now to convert her into a Packers fan!! Tee hee! Uh oh her mama may ban me from the house now!! Love ya’ll

  2. btw, great link on IVDD. I think I may link that on my site too. I wonder if we did the right amount of crate rest for Sophie. We followed the dr.’s orders, but she had surgery and crate rest wasn’t emphasized as much as i think it should have been. We were told to do it for 2 weeks. We can’t change it now, just learn from it.

    1. Well originally, our Vet didn’t mention crate rest at all, actually, his wife who is a vet and friend suggested that for 2 weeks as well. BUT I ran into that dooger’s list and read that 8 to 9 weeks is the average time that should be allowed for crate rest. I still worry about her back legs, she can stand, and walk, but not strong. Am hoping that overtime she will regain that. It’s hard having her in the crate all of the time, and hoping that it will help her though. Yes, hopefully other’s will learn from Sophie and Coco our trials and tribulations! Thanks for visiting!

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