South Jetty – Oregon Coast

One of my favorite spots is the South Jetty at the Oregon Coast.  I like it when it’s beautiful and sunny, and when it’s stormy with the waves crashing along the rocks and your hair is flying backwards.  I heard on the news that yesterday was a traffic nightmare heading to the Oregon Coast because of the higher temperatures in the valley.  I am glad that we were ahead of the group by going the day before everyone else.

Now I sit at home with a box fan buzzing in the background trying to pull in and bit of cool air it can before the day gets warm.  Hubby is on his way to get a new motor for our air conditioner.

Our exchange student has one more full day with us as he leaves on Saturday. It’s been a great adventure for our family hosting a Japanese 13 year old exchange student.  He has shown us things about his country and we have been able to show him a lot about ours.  Today he wants to go shopping one last time to see what gifts he can bring back to the family.

So, as I hear the beep of my coffee maker letting me know that it’s time to grab some java, I will post these pictures and get busy with our day!  Have a great day everyone!

So sit back and enjoy the ocean breeze, Oh wait, that’s the fan a blowing, nevermind!

Coco Paws


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