Vacation – what to do

Ok, it’s VACATION!!  YaY, and so many of my day’s are filled yet with appointments or this or that’s or well, you get the drift.  So here’s a list to help ME get an idea of what I want to accomplish on this vacation:

1. Organize : this means go through the stacks of stuff that have been set all around the house and finally find them a home.

2. Crafts: I don’t feel I have enough time to do my crafts, (knitting, crochet).

3. Read: I have so many books started now, and not enough time to finish, or I find one that interests me more than the one I am reading so, there, I think I have like 5 books started.

4. Climb Multnomah Falls: Actually, this is my son’s request, last year he convinced us to climb Beacon Rock( in Washington).  So, I told him I would make that effort…beautiful opportunity for pictures, my other favorite hobby.

5. Enjoy my family: that should be at the top of my list, but I enjoy them everyday all year long!

6. Sleep in: You get the idea ( I get up at 3:00am for the workweek).

7. Yes, RELAX: That’s if I could ever shut my brain down to not feel I have to be going all the time!

SO, today, I finished a project I started a couple of weeks ago. A rather simple one really, but none the less, it’s sat unfinished until today.  AND I used left over yarn to complete it. AND it’s not a full size washcloth (oh….)BUT that’s ok, I can use it just the same!  I made a knit washcloth and it will serve me just fine!

So here is my knit washcloth. Have a Happy Sunday Everyone!

We shall see how many of the things on my list I am able to accomplish!

Coco Paws




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