Update for Miss Coco

Well, here I am!  Yep, I am watching my Mom in the kitchen cooking up a storm.  It smells so good, but when she dropped one…one being a piece of apple on the floor I slowly made my way to the treasure and discovered, blech, I don’t like apples.  So I left it on the carpet so Mom could pick up after me.  So, yes, I am getting breaks out of the crate more often, wandering around the house a bit.  I still need to be carried out the back steps to go potty and do my business. I Sniff everywhere my legs will take me.  I really don’t like my photo taken so I make it difficult for Mom to get a good shot of me, of course she tricks me by saying “treat”, that gets me everytime.  So, I am still making progress, it seems to have slowed down a bit but at least I can get around.  Mom isn’t happy cause I have wee accidents on the carpet more often now….But I try to explain with my brown eyes that it can’t be helped then she pat’s me on the head and away I go.

Watching Mom cooking….and waiting for something to drop on the floor

Did someone say TREAT!!

Thanks everyone for your well wishes!

Coco Paws


1 Comment

  1. Ahh sweet Coco Baby girl I am so proud of you! You look so much better! Your eyes look bright again!! You and Boo Bear with your hate of cameras!! Tee hee! Lots of love from Auntie Lisa and Boo Bear! I’ll bring your present next time I come over! Lots of love!

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