Coco walking in the drizzle

So yesterday, Mom said that she would take me out for a walk after the weather cleared up. WELL, that didn’t happen until late in the day, so she decided that I needed to get out anyways.  So I helped her struggle into my pretty purple harness and was snapped to the leash and ready to be carried down the steps to the wet driveway.  We didn’t go super far, well, not far at all, but my belly and feet sure got wet.  And I kept shaking off the water, as I do not like RAIN!  So here’s some pics of my walk, enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Coco Paws



    1. Thank you so much, I still worry about her and if she is doing too much. So she still spends time in the crate, and I hate that, but otherwise she goes on thinking that life is normal and tries to do things she shouldn’t be doing! Have a great Sunday!

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