Miss Coco Update

Isn’t my bone just the coolest thing in the whole world???  SO cool that I won’t even let Mom get near me with that camera to take my photo chewing on it.  I was laying very nicely in the sun chewing on this bone when Mom decided to plop down with that camera in my face, so, I pretended not to notice, until she called my name and got closer….what else was I to do, I grabbed my bone and ran into the other room.  Hee hee, oh dang, she followed me, so I looked this way, and that way, finally she said something that triggered and I gave her a WHAT look.  She seemed satisfied with that.

SO, I continued to chew my bone until I had decided I was going to hide it. Sadly, while I was looking for a hiding spot, I kinda had a pee pee accident on the floor.  I don’t have the control like I used to before IVDD, and if Mom isn’t paying attention to the length of time in between outside outings, well, you know the rest.

Otherwise, life is good, I can walk around the house, I still teeter a bit, and darn that kitchen floor is slick.  But I am living the life of a dog, and life is GOOD.

Ok, now back to sleeping in the sun, have a good week everyone!

Coco Paws



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