More Wet Mr. Whiskers

I had to share this one of Mr. Whiskers too, I thought I had originally added it to yesterday’s post, but I think the gremlins in my computer liked it so much they kept it!  Mr. Whiskers is a very loved Cat, but again, refuses to come into the warmth of our home. He would prefer to sleep under bushes or our car etc.  EVEN with a nice barn and hay bales to sleep upon! lol

I Like this picture with the tongue sticking out, well, ok, licking his lips after some yummy meow mix! lol

Coco Paws



  1. Oh the pathetic looking thing. We had a “Mr. Whiskers” once. His name was Max. He absolutely refused to come inside. One very cold December we were afraid he’d freeze to death, so physically picked him up and brought him inside. He was soooo mad at us. What did he do? He relieved himself on our Christmas tree!
    Needless to say, we never tried to make him come inside again.

  2. Oh that is too funny! Yea Mr. Whiskers has been known to come in from the front door, we were all astonished, and quickly make his way to the back door and then howl as he reached for the doorknob!! Ha ha

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