Fat Sausage

Well, Ok, Miss Coco, AKA Fat Sausage, Hokie Nokie, Wiener Niener and Hey You….lol….She pretty much knows that all of those are her given nicknames.

My son took this photo of her last week and I just now had time to check it out, and well, it’s definetly my Fat Sausage girl!!

November is upon on us…oh my.  That means Turkey Day will soon be here.  YUM YUM

Weather here has been wet, and earlier today, windy and wet. But now there is some blue sky peeking out and it looks as if a drying trend for a few days will be here. Yay, and that ‘s not the only good news…..PSssst…Tomorrow is FRIDAY!! Hip Hip Hoooray!!

Make it a great one!

Coco Paws


1 Comment

  1. What a cutie! Oh, the weather. It has been so wet here too. Last night we trick or treated in the pouring down rain. It didn’t stop my son though. My umbrella broke 4 times. Lol. At least we got a big bag of candy. So glad it’s friday!

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