Our New Kitty

Meet “Teddy”, well that is his name for now.  His given name at the Bonnie L Hayes Animal Shelter where we adopted him yesterday.  He is 5 months old.  We looked at two kittens, and the first one we looked at was rather freaked out in the sitting room.  However Teddy, started purring immediately and sat comfy cozy in my son’s arms.  Plus he was the one I had viewed on petfinder and the reason we headed to the shelter in the first place.

Our Miss Coco  wants to meet Teddy, but the cat say’s not yet.  She thinks something has taken her spot, but really we have love for all animals, so in time Miss Coco will get used to Teddy and vice versa.

Teddy will sit with us and purr, purr and purr all the while kneading his lil front paws into our arm or tummy just as content as can be.  One of the shelter volunteers said Oh Teddy is so sweet.  That he is.  And within minutes of setting up the kitty box, bam, he was in it doing his business. Yay!

Would love to hear suggestions for names in case we decided to change it. My daughter likes Teddy, but haven’t had him long enough to see his personality shining!

Coco Paws and Teddy

PS Be prepared to be showered with Kitty photos!!



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