No Name Yet, Please Help

Ok, “Teddy” the given name by the shelter isn’t going to be the name he keeps, BUT we/I can’t decide which it will be.  SO Please leave a coment on either a name for him or if you like one of the one’s I have chosen.

1. Moscato

2. Sylvester

3. Jazz

4. Elton

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  1. Aww, he’s so cute! Congrats on your new kitty! He remind me of a young version of my cat, whose name is Ollie. I named him that because the color of his eyes reminded me of olives. Of the names you listed, I like Sylvester and Elton the most. Good luck choosing a name!

  2. What about Socks? Felix is cute. And Mickey Mouse has a cat like that named Figaro. Very pretty cat. My cat came from the shelter too. Her given name was Monica, I can’t call a cat Monica!
    So her name is Lilly.
    I tried to help.

  3. I know it’s tough trying to choose one Trace. I remember Grace and I fighting with Grandpa about our kitty’s name. His name from the shelter was Bones, why I don’t know???? We (or they would say I ) chose Bailey. I like 1 and 3 for your kitty. He is really cute!!!

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