Meet Dexter, my Mom’s rescue, (one of the many she has taken in).  He is so funny!  He enjoyed the birthday celebration for my Mom yesterday.  He had a bit of cake too!

Mom has always had animals. I grew up with birds, cats, dogs, fish, etc.  Now she feeds all the neighborhood animals aka squirrels, crows, coons etc.  She gets real enjoyment out of animals. If I were an animal, I would love to be in her neighborhood!!

We tried to capture feeding the squirrels out the front door with peanuts, but they are fast and the camera was focusing on either her head or the doorway.  But enjoy anyways!

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Time to start a fire and get the day a moving, have a great week everyone!



  1. First of all, Dexter is adorable. I love his face. I must be a lot like your mom, because I love to feed all the wildlife too. I have some chipmunks that live in my garage and I give them food and water. I like to watch them from my kitchen window scurrying around all day. The squirrels and crows are always at my bird feeder. It provides a lot of entertainment for Sophie.

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