Voodoo Donuts – Portland, Oregon

Ok, now it’s official, I can finally say that I have had a Voodoo donut from Voodoo donuts in Portland, Oregon.  I see people walking around with pink voodoo boxes a lot and heard so much good things about Voodoo donuts that I had to make that trip downtown.  I decided to take the kids and take the Max train to Portland.  We decided that our first stop had to be Voodoo. WELL, I didn’t realize that there would be such a long line.  BUT we came down here for a donut, by golly a donut is what we were going to get, no matter how long it took. While standing in line we looked up the variety of donuts available on their menue, wow, some ineteresting ones.  When we finally got in the door, FIRST, the smell hits ya, oh man, worth the wait?? You bet.  Then the choices, so many of them.  We decided upon two Voodoo donuts, one bacon maple bar and a McMinville creame.  With our box, we walked outside towards Saturday Market and opened them up. First came pictures…..never thought I would take pictures of donuts, but yep, we did, then the tasting, and swapping, oh yum! We left the Cream one for Dad who was home sick. (by the end of the day, that donut looked creamed), lol.  We even went back to get him a better one, but the line was longer than in the early part of the day.

Here are some pics from Voodoo donuts, if your ever here in Portland, check them out! It’s FUN!




  1. Portland looks like such a neat city. I always thought it would be a great place to live. I’m wondering though, how was the bacon donut? Sounds very interesting.

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