What is Coco doing?

I am having some problems with my posts today.  It seems as if my images have all shrunken.  They are not the same size that I have posted them as and it’s driving me NUTS!  I found a way to edit them but if it’s going to be like this, than, not sure what I will do.  Definetly something has changed. I read up and it says something about thumbnail reconfiguration. I don’t have plugins, so can’t seem to fix it. I have tried several themes today, thinking that would help, but they all stay the same. SO, I keep trying.

This is Coco, oh you didn’t recognize her? That’s ok, she looks rather silly anyways.  Is she growling? Snarling? Nope, caught this shot in the midst of a yawn. I must be boring, my animals are always yawning!!


Well, it appears that I have to manually add the height in width, it puts it in a really small mode, why? I have no idea. If anyone knows a fix, please share, very frustrated.



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