Yawn, that’s what Sticks thinks of this morning!

     I thought this was a coooool capture, look at them sharp teeth, ouch!  Since having purchased Sticks (that’s the new name folks) and it will Stick with us….oh that was bad. Anyways, he has been a ball of fun, MOST of the time, hubby isn’t too thrilled with a couple of things….1.) Sticks knocked off his external hard drive, with all of his photo’s on it, and now the hard drive doesn’t work.  2.) I am not sure if there is another one…well, I could come up with one…our bedroom is FREEZING because we won’t let Sticks in there, and we heat with a woodstove…brrrrrr!  So in the month we have had him, we have all grown to love him, I mean, really, who could resist that face!!

So interested in learning how he got his new sticking name??  Well, when he lays out on the couch, he has these LONG stick legs, and they litereally stick out, so well, you know the rest, and Sylvester, it just wasn’t Sticking!!


Tracy, Coco Paws and Sticks

Have a great Friday!

It's Friday!


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