Miss Coco Update

Well, I wish I had something positive to say with this update, however, I do not.  Unfortunatly Miss Coco has reinjured her back again.  She is back on crate rest, muscle relaxants and steroids.  I don’t know long term at the time being.  She at least can wag her tail where as the first time we encountered this, even that happy function wasn’t working.  She has almost no movement in her hind legs, and bladder control again is an issue.

I feel so sorry for her, as I know she would rather be roaming the house with her new friend Sticks the kitty.  But for now she will be watching Sticks from her crate and hoping that she will recover.

So please keep your fingers crossed and good thoughts and prayers heading for Miss Coco. For those that don’t know, she has IVDD, and this is our second round in 6 months.



Coco Paws, Tracy and Sticks



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