Too Many Books, Too Little TIME!

Ebay Books

Yea, I got a shipment of books that I had ordered off of Ebay.  I think its 59 books!  Some of them I have already, and a couple I may have already read before, BUT I have a bunch of new choices to keep me busy this year!  And I can share them with my friends too, my own personal library!!

I am currently reading the Kite Runner, Loving this book, wish I could sit down and finish it at one setting.  I wasn’t sure how I would like this book, but I am a little over half way through and am enjoying all of it so far.

THEN the library calls and says they have to books I requested on hold available, can’t wait to pick those up….one is Behind the Beautiful Forevers, and the other is Wild.

AND But WAIT, there’s more, on where I have been a member for a couple of years now, I was selected to review two ereader books!  SO they are on my nook, waiting to be read as well.

OH I need TIME!, and MORE TIME!!!

Have a great day everyone!

Tracy, Coco n Stix


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