Book Review – Wild by Cheryl Strayed


What did I think? Well, I had mixed thoughts about this book.  In the beginning I thought man this person/woman, really is messed up.  Kind of went ouf of control after the passing of her Mom.  But then I had to think, what would I do if my Mom were to go so soon?  I am pretty sure I wouldn’t take the same path, but I can’t judge what others have chosen for their methods. So with that being said,  The hiking of the trail was interesting, am surprised the that she wasn’t more prepared to hikes such a long journey. But I admire her for pushing through and the happiness that she has found while walking that trail.  I know I could never do it, even with a group of friends I don’t think I could accomplish it.  So Kudos to Cheryl Strayed for fixing what was wrong in her life, however people choose to conquer it!

I give it three stars as I felt there were a few things that could have been left out, her desire for sex mainly.  And there was a couple of times that I became bored with it as well.

Glad that I have read it, makes me think what I could be capable of if I really applied myself.


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