More Savings of Money


Todays adventure in saving..I know, you must think That’s all I do now! But it’s things we need! lol and if you can use a coupon, boy howdy!

So Albertsons – 6 Yoplait Yogurts .33, Colgate toothpaste 6.4 oz, FREE! Oh Yea, International coffee creamer, .99, (just ran out this am too!). and some Johnsonville Brat Sausage, $4.69 (thats not so hot, but passes for me as we eat it, it was a dollar off).

Total: 7.68, LOVE IT!!

However, the downside to today’s shopping, well, yea, the Girlscouts got me, I had to support them buy buying a box of thin mints, YUM YUM!!

Tomorrow I have one more stop, 3 bags of Lay’s potato chips for .66 each.  Those are good for lunches!

Anyways, have a great night!!

Tracy, Coco N Stix


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