Book Review – Not Really though….


I just finished….ok, I lied, I just QUIT reading this book.  What was all the hype in regards to this book? The Harry Potter Series??  Great stories.  This story, oh, lets see, about page 110, I finally decided that I had had enough.  AND believe me, pushing to 110, that was hard enough to get that far. I so badly wanted this to be a great book, and I don’t know what other’s see in this book to make it a good read, but man, I was so bored with this book. BORED……and basically, that was from about page one.  It did NOT grab me in any way shape or form. Sadly too, as I had high hopes for this book. I think J. K. Rowling should stick to Young Adult series of books.

I am thankful that I didn’t purchase this, I am sad that I waited for awhile on the list from the library, and I am thankful, that I can walk away, unfinished.  I just can’t be bothered with a book that has taken me this long to get into it, er I mean……I haven’t gotten into it at all!

On to David Baldacci the Innocent.  A book that I had began to read prior to reading this book.

I rate this well, I can’t really rate a book I haven’t finished, so….I will leave it at that.

Tracy, Coco n Stix


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