Book Review – The Innocent by David Baldacci

**Remember, my book reviews are generally Short!**

I recently finished reading The Innocent and haven’t had time to give my views on this book, so since everyone in the house is sleeping, here it goes!

I thought this book dragged on a bit, it had a great beginning, pulled me in, I enjoyed the characters, but then it just seemed to stall out and I kept thinking when do we get to the end, the finale, the closure…which if finally happened, and yea, I was happy with the outcome, just thought it took to long to get there.  Sometimes books like that, I have a tendency to leave em behind….but I stuck this one out.  I am not sure if I have read other books by this author before, I am leaning towards no, but I have only started in the past couple of years of recording the books I finish.

However, I must have liked the author enough because while at goodwill yesterday, I grabbed another of his books….Stone Cold.  I have read the first chapter, and so far it gets a thumbs up.

I rate this book The Innocent by David Baldacci 3 out of 5 stars.


After I read that book, I tried to read a Stephen King book – The Wind through the Keyhole, But about page 45, I thought, why am I reading this, I am struggling, nad would much rather enjoy something else I am SURE!  And I also picked up Flowers in the Attic, I can remember reading that when I was a teenager, but alas, it’s on my nightstand, not sure if I will read that one or not.

Tracy, Coco n Stix


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