Random 5 Friday

009My Miss Coco, she is my baby!


008Mr. Whiskers….the almost impossible cat to get a decent picture of!


010Ah, isn’t that cute……Mr Whisker’s isn’t so sure!

Random 5 Friday Hosted by A Rural Journal

1.  I am tired, that’s the first thing on my mind.  I can’t seem to get the engine running this morning. My cup of tea, just isn’t cutting it this morning!! Maybe a walk in the sunshine will help to get me moving.

2. 4H….I need  , MUST get my 4h meeting for Sunday ready.  I am not even sure what were doing this Sunday.  It was photography, but we covered some of that the last meeting. I am leaning towards baking…foods and nutrition….what do you think? OR should it be small animal science?….hmmm something to think about….

3.  I love roses.  I only wish that I could grow roses.  However, the deer enjoy the roses too.  I have two bushes, that provide me with beautiful roses….if the deer somehow miss them.  But also, because I live higher up in elevation, it isn’t warm enough, so I usually only get the one time blooms, and they just get ready in the fall, but then the cold weather or rain ruins the buds.

4.  I drive a city bus. I have driven a city bus for almost 23 years. I am tired of driving a city bus.  However, you surely meet interesting people, but I guess over the years, I have met TOO many interesting people. No don’t get me wrong, I like people, but the route I drive has a different kind of people, lets say, interesting.

5.  I would love to have another dachshund. I think my husband would kill me though.  I would love to have a tan/black female.  I have a red female, Miss Coco, and I love her SOOO much!

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  1. I’ve lived and ridden public buses in Vancouver, B.C. above you, very interesting routes, and so often I wondered how bus drivers managed. I worked in one of the inner city Emergency Rooms and our clientele is often the same interesting however you do your job alone, Bravo. Get another dachshund, I’m sure your hubby will cave, who wouldn’t they are too cute, Mr W, too
    Mr Whis

  2. Definitely get another Dachshund! I grew up with one, and he was a red sweetie. I have Rhodesian Ridgebacks now though, and love them so much!

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