Random 5 Friday

Sharing 5 Random thoughts with my readers through a Rural Journal/Nancy


Stix is curious about that pot near the stove. He actually was caught lying in it, as it was warm from the heat, but of course, bring out a camera and my animals all look the other way!

Random 5 Friday

1. My youngest daughter graduated 8th grade yesterday. She has turned into such a beautiful young lady. I just can’t seem to put a finger on where the time has gone.

2.  Today I might make a batch of home brew with my husband directing, and my Sis if she is interested helping out.

3.  My Mother In Law is not doing well, I don’t expect her to last but more than a few days. I sang You are my Sunshine to her yesterday, that was our song, she is 94 and has a lived a long fun life, but I know that a new adventure is waiting around the corner for her.

4. I need to make a new heat pack. You know, the one’s with flax seed and lavender? Mine definetly doesn’t have that sweet lavender smell anymore, but it still keeps me warm!

5.  I am reading Fifty Shades of Grey. So far I am about page 50 and it has been a quick read.  I didn’t think I would ever read the series, but my oldest daughter whipped through the first two and encouraged me!

Have a great Friday Everyone!

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  1. Blessings to your MIL … so difficult for all of us to let go. I haven’t read 50 shades and probably won’t. I tend to not read the books with the hype! Amazing how quickly kids grown up … the years just fly. Happy 5 Day to you!

  2. Oh dear, best wishes to your family and strength for dealing with your MIL passing. I think you’ve probably brought a great deal of comfort to her singing the song. I know when my aunt was dying we gathered around her and made sure she knew we were there and she smiled and was happy and peaceful with us around her. Are you enjoying 50 shades? I sort of skimmed thru it once of twice but the pages I read didn’t read well for me. Hmm, it is a huge hype though and maybe I should just suffer thru it.

  3. A tough time for you with your MIL. I so wished I had sung hymns to my husband as he was passing and I didn’t. We have such sorrow at things we neglect to do. You did your part and I know it means a lot to you and to her.

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