Random 5 Friday


Hoping that everyone had a great 4th of July and stayed safe.  We had a wonderful time with the Grandkids.  I also was taught by my Daughter in Law a thing or two about canning with a pressure canner…LOVE IT! These are potatoes from our one raised bed.  11 quarts worth!

1.  I think I need to create a theme for myself called organization….these day’s I am so helter skelter, and misplace important things, or file them where they belong and then can’t seem to find them!

2. It’s a cloudy cool morning, and I was able to throw some rubbish in the woodstove, and the warmth, actually feels cozy.

3.  I think were going to go swimming at the local indoor pool today with the grandkids, looking forward to some fun excersice.

4.  July 5th, where has this year gone already.  We really need to cut up a tad bit more firewood for the winter.  Who can think of winter?

5.  A skirt, yes, those that know me, know I don’t do skirts, and I bought one yesterday for the first time in like forever.  AND I enjoyed it.  AND I am going back for the blue one..as they are on sale 50% off.

Have a great Friday Everyone!




  1. Your canned potatoes look great! I’ve never had the nerve to can with a pressure canner.

    I could use some organization in my life, too. 🙂 I tend to forget things. I write things down to remember, then forget to look at my list!

  2. Canned potatoes are wonderful!

    I wore a skirt in public for the first time last month (other than a wedding or two), and got so many comments from the people in my life, it was flattering, but a tad embarrassing! I do love them in summer though, and have thought about being brave enough to wear them more often. 🙂

  3. We are on the same trails! I pressure canned for the first time EVER today. I canned chili but also have potatoes growing. We haven’t dug them up yet (we’re in WA) so I hope I can get as many as you did. I too am feeling kind of scattered lately and today I vowed to simply clean one thing out a week.

    1. @Gayle, chili! That’s my next endeavor!! I hope your’s turned out, and I can’t wait to make mine, and good luck with your potatoes!

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