Pressure Canning

I finally bit the bullet….and pulled out, dusted off the pressure canner/cooker that has sat idle in our garage since we bought it…….yes, 3 years ago.  I thought I would use it like crazy, but then realized how afraid of it that I was.

So about a month ago, my husband decided to try the artichokes in the cooker, and I was like…..eeeek…ok…and stood 40ft away.  BUT nothing happened other than a delicious artichoke that didn’t take long at all to cook.

So our daughter visited us this past week and while I was at work one day, her and hubby had the discussion of me being afraid to use the canner. She said…Pffft, no need, I will show her!  AND that she did. We canned chicken breast. I was so excited. Then it was on to potatoes from the garden.  Now I have the bug.

She is home now, but I am cooking up my first batch of chili. Actually, it’s in the canner now, and has about another 45 minutes to go.  I canned 4 quarts. I thought to put them in quart jars as we have four of us in the family to eat them.  I am so excited, and trying to decided what next to can. I would like to can some pork if I find it at a good price.

0225lbs of hamburger

0232 cups of chopped onions

 024mmmm……added chili powder, cumin, black beans, salt

 025Both pots going, one with Chili, and one for the canner.

 026Finished product, 4 qts of Chili!

Now on to some rhubarb!

So fellow canner’s and scaredy cats of pressure cookers, DON’T BE SCARED!  (living proof that you will be FINE!).



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