Random 5 Friday


5 Random thoughts, things about anything, come join Nancy at A Rural Journal and see what others have to say.

1.  For breakfast this morning I had an english muffin with peanut butter and our very own honey!  It was delicious.

2.  Just discovered that we have a leak from one of our water spickets. I went outside to water and saw this lil stream running down the hill.  Guess that means we are digging today.

3.  I love the advice from fellow bloggers, I was given much encouragement to continue to blog, and I really appreciated all those feel good comments.

4.  I was given 5 books by a friend, and I can’t wait to start them all..is that even possible?? First one I want to start is Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah…then she recommended I start The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton. But first I have one I am already reading…..so they both will have to wait.

5.  I am watching a report on frontloading washmachines.  AND I know I don’t ever want on they are talking about the mold issues and how the company or manufacture’s have known about these defects for years but continue to sell the products as they are.  (oh they just said that the newer models are better now than in the past years).

Thanks for checking out my Random 5, now off to dig a whole!






  1. I never wanted a front loading washer….or one that costs over $400…..waste of money, to me. I would rather have fun with that money. I never went and looked in someone’s laundry room to see what kind or color of washing machine they had….wouldn’t impress me. 🙂
    We all go through blogging slumps. I’ve deleted my blog several times, just to come back and undelete it. Last time I did that, it was too late to undelete and I had to start all over. Sad feeling.

  2. I love friends who share books … keeps my summer reading all stocked. Your breakfast sounds delicious. I keep putting off calling the plumber thinking I want more than one or two things for him to do — at least get my moneys worth! I never wanted a front loading washer — I kept wondering if they’d finally leak! Sure glad you are blogging. 🙂

  3. did they give you a suggestion on how to get rid of the mold in your washer? i need to research that. i have one. ( :
    so not good. i love the sound of fresh honey. enjoy!

  4. I read about the inefficiency of the front-loaders a couple of years ago….at least, they require more time. I have a top loader and I cleaned it with one tub of bleach water and then one of vinegar water. No mold….just thought it sounded good to do!

  5. I wouldn’t have thought about mold in a Front Loading machine, guess it could happen in a top loading just the same.
    How nice to have your own honey. That stuff is expensive in the stores.
    Enjoy your books. I’ve got several to read now from the library…think I’ll head off to bed and take in a couple of chapters before nodding off for the night.

  6. Your own honey – what a treat!
    I have a front loader, but I think it is in use so much that it would never have a chance to develop mold!

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