Random 5 Friday

 003I love taking profile shots of Stix. I have no idea what he was even looking at. He just plops down, and looks. I love my Cat!

Random 5 Friday Hosted by Nancy at A Rural Journal

1.  My son leaves for Germany on Tuesday for a month.  I am excited, nervous, jealous, and can’t wait for him to come home! Oh wait, he hasn’t left yet!!  He is doing an exchange program through school, and in October we will have a young German lady join us for a month.

2.  County Fair! I love Fairs.  We have set up for our own county this morning and our old county, the fair is going on as I type.  We have lots of friends and family at the old county so we like to support the kids.

3.  My stomach is growling. I wish it weren’t telling me that it was hungry, I would really like to drop a few pounds!

4.  I have been back to knitting lately, even though it’s dishcloth’s, but I enjoy it. Plus I am using up yarn and finishing started projects.

5.  I am looking forward to camping at the coast in a couple of weeks. Getting away from the bump and grind. Sitting night after night at a campfire.  Relaxing. What more can I say!

Well, I better get a going, 3 kids and a hubby to get ready for an early morning Rotary Breakfest. Oh yea, that’s for something different altogether, the Old Fashion Days!



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