County Fair 4H Art Exhibits

Ever since I was young, I always admired the work of 4H kids. I would have loved to have been involved growing up.  Now hubby and I have our own group, and sadly because of some family situations, we have lost several members, and our group has become very small.  So I am trying to come up with idea’s that will encourage kids to participate in 4H.  It’s not all about animals.  It’s working with your community, as in community service projects. It’s being creative, and helpful.  So while at the Washington County Fair, I took some photo’s of the 4H projects that were entered in the fair. All different age levels. Beautiful creative minds.  Currently our county fair is going on, in fact, today is the lastday.  Enjoy the creativity of our youth, for they are our opportunity of the future.





My own kids are Junior leader’s. Both are great with younger kids.  They are both county ambassador’s, and camp counselor’s.  I am proud of them for their leadership roles within 4H and our community.

I am sure that this will help them succeed.



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