Firefly Lane –

Well, I don’t normally post about a book before I finish it, but in this case I am going to. I have 100 more pages to go and I love this book. I only hope that the ending does the book justice! I actually wanted to read this book, only by the cover. I had seen it on and thought the cover looked cool. BUT I didn’t buy the book, as partly, I can’t buy every book I see….(although that would be nice), however a friend gave me a stack of books to read and OMG this was in the stack. I had to finish reading the book I was currently reading and bang, I started this book. It’s hard to find time to read while I am working, but now that I am on vacation, I haven’t been able to put the book down. I even read it while I was making dinner tonight! AND I took an extra long soak in the tub, just for an excuse! Anyways, looks like a book review is coming shortly! I don’t forsee finishing tonight, but in the morning look out!



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