Little Thunder Storm



009We had a bit of thundershowers, or in our case at my house, thundersprinkles as we didn’t get the boom or the lightning 😦 But after a storm, or in this case during…..or the tail end, a double rainbow. You can barely make out the second one. The only reason I caught it at all was that I went outside to fill the cat’s bowl with food and looked up! Can you see that sprinkle splat on my lens on my rainbow pic!

I bet my Sis got more as the storm on radar looked pretty intense in her neck of the woods.  Oh speaking of Sis, she is coming over today! Yay, I have the coffee pot ready Sis!! And creamer! yay

Hope your all enjoying your Saturday!! I know I will!


Oh I just had to add this…not sure if the dog below agree’s!



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