Random 5 Friday

006 007Random 5 Friday

1.  It’s always good to come home and sleep in one’s own bed. I slept so good lastnight.

2.  I have an endless supply of laundry that I am taking care of at the moment. Oh and other house duties as well.

3.  These photo’s reflect one of my favorite places along the Oregon Coast, and actually, it isn’t the coast, it is along the Columbia River.  It’s a small bit of beach that I always have to come to when I visit this part of the ocean. This visit however the the tide was up and we weren’t able to scoot down the rocks like we normally do and walk along the shore. Washington is on the other side of the river, and this is the way out into the ocean.

4.  I am going to read some more of my book today, The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton. I am on page 45 and already I am hooked…you know, don’t want to put it down kinda hooked, but you really should because all these other things in life are calling you? Yea….

5.  I am dreading returning to work on Monday. It’s been a great vacation, 2 weeks worth.  I only hope that someday when I retire, I will have the good health to enjoy the things that I do now.

OH…..I have to add a #6……shh….BUT THE BEARS WON, YEA…I know, it’s only PRESEASON, BUT THE BEARS WON!! SO excited for FOOTBALL!!

So anyways, off to get some clothes folded, first of 4 loads I think?  And vacuum the cactus plant that the cat knocked out of the windowsill, and sweep the sand out of the laundry room, and oh yea, the list goes on!

Relax, embrace the day, it’s FRIDAY!!





  1. i love when laundry is all finished & put away. but as you say there is always work to be done. ( :
    cute yippee friday girl!!!
    enjoy your weekend. ( :

    1. Thanks Beth! It’s almost finished, except, my daughter snuck in a load on me….now I am waiting for washer rights! Enjoy your weekend as well 🙂

  2. We too got back recently from a trip. Had a house full of fruit flies…..oops! Still killing the little buggers off. I hear you on the mountain of laundry too. Sometimes I think I need a vacation to recover from a vacation!

    1. I hate Fruit flies, they are such a nuisance! AND the laundry is finished, only 9 hours later or something like that! I agree, a vacation for the vacation!

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