Random 5 Friday

Well, this might be Saturday, bu the thoughts are still the same. I just haven’t had a chance to sit down at the computer…well, let me rephrase that…I chose not to sit at the computer, instead, finishing a great book, met with friends for beer and pizza, and am working on a cross-stitch of which I haven’t worked on in over 8 months or more.

Pictures are from our recent camping trip…at Ft. Stevens.  The ship is the Peter Iredale , please click on it to learn more about this ship. It’s hard to believe that this ship grounded in 1906. My kids have been able to see history, but it’s sad that it’s deteriated so much, and I wonder at what point the shipwreck with be unknown to those who never knew.

052 063My youngest daughter is in the photo above, with her good friend. They are on the left. 071 076And here they are again, looks like they are reliving the titanic! lol

So….Random 5 Friday

1. It rained/drizzled this morning, and I loved it. I loved the smell, the sound and the sight of it!

2.  I am craving brie cheese right now, I watched an episode of Martha Bake’s and she enclosed a wheel of brie and baked it in the oven…Talk about heaven.

3.  Chicago won a preseason game lastnight against the Raiders, GO BEARS!  That’s 2-1 for Preseason so FAR!

4.  I just cleaned my dachshunds ear out and added medicine to it, looks like another ear infection, different ear. Poor girl. She jumped in her crate and ignored me when she saw the bottle of flush and wash come out.

5.  I am looking forward to another work week, and then I change to a new route.  More trips in the day, but I am on my side of town…My Side of Town.

I have two book reviews I need to write, one for a book that I could have done without reading and the other a book I really enjoyed!

Have a great weekend!




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