Sunday night blues

Well, it’s that time again, when we get ready for that four letter word called “WORK”.  Oh well, I guess I can handle five day’s of “WORK”.   Of course if I didn’t “WORK”, I wouldn’t be able to go places that I love, and eat food that I love. SO…..enough of the blues…

So far today, I have made a menu for our meals (dinner) for the week, and shopped for the meals. I am in hopes that it will save me money by menu planning. I also found a couple of new recipes to give a try also.

I am making Spinach Lasagna Rolls for dinner, along with salad and garlic bread.  That’s for tonight, and I figure that we will have enough for the same dinner tomorrow.

On Tuesday I am trying a Chicken bowl with homemade Thai Sweet Chili sauce. I already made the sauce, and YUMMY!  The rest of the week is easy peasy stuff. And stuff I have laying around.

Hope your all enjoying the last bits of the weekend, and I hope you enjoy this view of the sunset at Ft. Stevens.





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