What’s for Dinner?? – Greek Marinated Chicken


Greek Marinated Chicken

This dish sounded yummy, so…of course, I had to make it! Along with some pear rice and a nice tossed salad.  My son helped me put it together, told him he was going to be cooking more so when he moves on his own someday he will be able to make yummy food for himself.

I found this recipe through www.budgetbytes.com and they have lot’s of interesting recipes, and supposed to be less spendy.  That’s depends on whether you can get the food for less at the market.  But have found that it’s been close to the prices.

Since I started this post before I actually ate the chicken, I wanted to get back to you on whether our family liked it or not and the results are in….drumroll……YES!  It was a success! The only thing I could see to do differently would be to get those legs to brown a bit more, the thighs browned just lovely.

002 003

So on a scale of one to ten, I personally along with my husband and kids would rate this an 8.5!  YEAH!!

Hope you try it some time!!




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