Random 5 Friday



It’s that time again to share 5 random facts about me or whatever, so here we goooo!

1.  4H Motto “To Make the Best Better” – the new 4H season kicks off and were ready to teach some new families about the benefits of being involved in 4H.

2.  Our 4H kids are going food shopping this weekend, and were donating the items to the local food pantry. AND were helping in the food pantry today as well.

3.  I am ready to put a log on the fire and relax, watch some football, and enjoy life.

4.  Weather is PERFECT for fall this weekend.  We have had some unusual wet weather as of late and we all welcome the few sunny day’s being forecasted.

5.  I am still in a reading slump, I finished a Debbie Macomber book, and it was good, but now to find something else to interest me.

Well, first one up, that means I decide, tea or coffee. I think it will be coffee. Then I must sit down and do bills, get organized, make a plan, all that good stuff that I neglect during the week while I am working.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!!!

Go Bears!




  1. I love to read…went through a long spell of having a hard time finding things that really held my interest…but am over that. I have to read like plant have to have sun. Just feel naked if I don’t have a book that I am anxious to get back to.

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