Oh Deer, it’s Saturday!


024Both of these photo’s were taken on separate days. Neither one was I excpecting to see Deer.  So that was a surprise for me. The first one, I was actually going out to visit the goats, and then saw the one standing in the field behind where my goats are.  The second photo I went to take a photo of the maple tree, and saw two…nope, three of them. Can you spot all three deer in the second picture? Ok WAIT! THERE ARE FOUR, I was just looking at the photo again, and counted FOUR deer, wowza!! You can sort of see the ears on two of them. Let me know if you can see them all.  Not the greatest picture, but I didn’t have my telephoto lens, so this is zoomed and cropped!

Today we take our exchange student to Downtown Portland.  Of course, first stop….VooDoo Donuts!! Oh yummy treats are coming my way today!! Look out belly here comes a jelly donut!

What are your plans for this Saturday, or in some cases Sunday?? Do share!!!

Hugz Tracy


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