Keep Portland Weird


I don’t actually like that phrase, as I never thought of Portland as being weird. Well, actually, yea, it’s Weird. It’s changed.  But then what hasn’t?  Portland has all kinds. Literally.  Some I question, but then who am I to question other’s?  So yea…..I still enjoy Portland.

Portland, Oregon is also known for Powell’s book store. I LOVE that place.  Floors and stairs of books, all kind’s of books, and shhh, weird people!! Ha ha.  You could literally get lost in Powell’s Books.  I bought my daughter a book while we were there yesterday, one I hope to read as well, as it was highly recommended by several people.


Here is the book if your interested: And later when I read it, I will let you know how it is. BUT I heard to have a kleenex handy. Sniff Sniff.

030PS Photo courtesy of my daughter, oh and the Hot Cocoa too!

We also went to VooDoo Donuts, but am saving that for a separate post, after all, it deserve’s its own post!!

Happy Sunday Everyone!  Go Bears!





  1. I don’t like that saying either but I forgot “I’m weird” tee hee!! I have not been to Powells books but would love to go with you sometime! Hugz Sis

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