Good Morning From Oregon!

036Good Morning everyone!

First post in awhile, I took a bit of a vacation. I didn’t go anywhere, just took one in my head.  Life was toooo busy for a bit. Running kids here and there, this and that oh and that and this.  Things are calming down now, I can see the quiet.  In fact, I am enjoying a cup of coffee out of my Chicago Bears cup for the first time in FOREVER it seems.  (its usually in a travel mug).

I recently went on a weekend adventure to Sunriver Oregon. WOW, beautiful! I am looking forward to going back again sometime.  I also want to take Hubby back to Bend and visit Boneyard Brewery.  His favorite beer is Boneyard RPM.  – me, not so much.

So one of the cool things about my trip was that we saw a porcupine, like 2 feet from us in a tree! I got a couple of cool pics and a memory that will last forever.  That photo is coming up in another post soon.

Hope your all doing swell!!

Have a great day, more from me coming later on!



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