Christmas Cat


This year, I haven’t been in the Christmas mood.  Bah Humbug, I know.  Just can’t get it together yet.  The tree we put up this year is our charlie brown fake tree, with the intentions only to use it for our 4H Christmas Party. Well, it’s still standing, and no real tree this year.  Cards were made out late, some won’t get them right away, apologies in advance.  I am not sure that I even have all of my gifts, and yikes, part of me says OH WELL!  In fact, so much so, that I think were going to the beach today. A cold, rainy day at the Oregon Coast will beat Xmas shopping out hands down.  Anyways, this seems to be the cat’s favorite spot in the house now.  It’s his home, I guess it might be warmer from the lights. I don’t really know. He has a way of rearranging the tree to his liking too.  I find ornaments through out the house! lol

Well, I hope all the rest of you are preparing excitedly for Christmas…maybe by December 24, it will kick in!

Oh…..Happy Winter Solstice!!  Less than an hour of Autumn left. Bring on the longer days! I am ready!

Ho Ho Ho




  1. Hi Tracy, I’m totally with you! Very bah humbug this year! I was feeling a little guilty about it a few days ago, but now I’m like OH WELL, too! Enjoy the beach. Your cat is gorgeous! x

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