More Ocean Pics, Are you tired of them YET??

I never tire of Ocean pictures. I would love to live along the ocean someday.  I wouldn’t mind retiring at Lincoln City, Oregon.

It is Saturday, and I am Sick. YUK  I think it’s just a cold, and trying like crazy to rest, drink fluids, chew on airborne and rest.  Yea, REST! lol  My son and I watched Despicable Me 2 lastnight, and that was cute, but I don’t think as cute as the first one.  Isn’t that the way it goes though?

So, I still have a few more posts left to share of the ocean pictures, and then guess what…..Yea, soon I will be going to the coast and will bring MORE pictures! ha ha  Can’t wait!

So here are some more shots.



My Son, Loving the beach barefoot in December!


Brother and Sister!  They fight like crazy but take wonderful pictures…lol


Well off to enjoy the stormy day today, rain, high wind but it’s warm!!  Like 50!

Have a great day!!




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