Planting Seeds of Summer

It’s that time of year!  And usually I wait to long to plant things, but hubby has started us off early this year, so I thought I would put my sunflower sees in the works to get them started  The container I used is from Safeway, they sell $5 cookies or other things, and so we saved them and they make great green houses to start our seeds.  I will keep a weekly photo to share the progress.  Let’s see what else I can get ready for summer.  I want some cucumbers too, and green beans.  I have to be careful though as we have deer, squirrels, rabbits and slugs and bugs that all want a piece of our hard work, so need to make sure they are free from being disturbed.  Here is photo one, day 1 of Sunflower seeds!


Here is another photo I took last week of one of our wild iris.  I don’t know if this one bloomed early or we aren’t going to get any more this year. They are usually all over, but I only saw this one in bloom.  But hubby seems to think the others haven’t bloomed yet, and showed me some clumps of the iris on our property. SO time will tell.


Ok, off to see what other trouble that I can get into.



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