Healthy Eating

A Few months ago, I went into JC Penny’s to buy some underclothing, and OMG I was very frustrated upon leaving.  I couldn’t find clothes to fit, and and I was rather tired of looking at myself in front of the mirror…..Gagging…..At who I have become.  A dumpy 45 year old.  So, I decided that I needed to change that. I can’t change the 45 years part of it, but the dumpy I can.

The past two months I have belonged to, and I have been able to lose about 10 pounds.  I say about, as I had lost more, but the past few days, I got lazy, and back into some habits. AND they aren’t healthy habits either.

So I am still working on making this lifestyle change, because, that’s really what it is.  As I have learned you can’t get lazy with yourself, it just doesn’t pay off.

This was lunch this afternoon, I made one for my husband too.  He isn’t in to this like I am, we have different views on how to lose it.  So I will offer him when I make something. HE usually says sure.



This lunch is about 460 calories. I forgot to grab a pear.  This is a baked potato, bacon, broccoli and low fat cheese and sour cream with some onions thrown on top. YUM, it’s one of my favorites that they offer.

You should have seen my breakfast, interesting combo…eggs with rolled oats, yes, cooked together.  I added spinach and a pinch of parmesan, and some hot pepper sauce.

What are your favorite meals, meal plans to lose weight and keep it off??




  1. hi, I love baked potatoes, loaded up with, is that bacon I see, with cheese and sour cream. Yup I heard the low fat part, and that is the best part, we can have our favourite foods without killing ourselves, yeah!!!
    congratulations, on the success so far. recognizing that change is needed and finding the motivation is I think the hardest part.
    good luck

  2. Yay another spark people person, lol. I do understand how you feel though, trying on clothes can be the worst. Hugs keep up the great job!

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