Shopping at an Asian Market

With someone who knows what things are! Yipppee!!  Our exchange student went with us, and we picked out some foods he thought we might like. We actually have had a couple of them before. Our first Japanese exchange student brought curry from home and we eat it a lot, and call it Riku stew! Its nice to take someone who knows what is what! And how to do something with it! lol


Lets start with Green tea, yum. The cups and tea pot are a gift from our first exchange student. His name is Riku, funny thing is, our second Japanese boy has the same name! Both are great kids!


Something he said him and his Mom like, they are a black soy bean rice cracker, pretty good!


YUM!  Have had the crackers and the coconut type cookies before, but not the ones that look like sugar. Haven’t tried it yet either…can’t wait.


Seems a lot of their food is in packages. The curry is awesome!! Haven’t tried the other boxes yet. Individiual noodles.

074Yummy, these are like chocolate lil wafers. YUM!

Well, time to get ready for work, yea…not my favorite time..but I guess all good things shall come to an end. Have a good week!



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